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Expires 3-31-16

Reach 20,000 Homes On The Most Powerful Marketing Piece
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PRO Advertising Rates - Lowest Pricing / No Guarantee
PRO Advertising Rates
Q1: What are the ad rate after the Introductory ad rates?
For both Pro Ad Rates & 100% Guaranteed Ad Rates, the rates are shown in the left columns of the chart labeled Sale Rates which are still very low rates. For the lowest rates, click here to see our Buy 3, Get 2 FREE Killer Deal Special

Q2: How often will the market I choose be mailed?
Every market gets mailed every 60 days. We do offer over 20 other markets you can advertise in – just click here to see the choices.

Q3: How much can I save using the
This benefit alone saves some companies more than the actual cost of the advertising. Please visit and see for yourself…this benefit truly is unmatched in the industry.