Frequesntly Asked Questions

Q1:  Why Should I Advertise On The 11” x 25.5” Monster Brochures?
Q2:  Really, I Can Place ANY Size ad WITH NO RISK & a 100% Money Back Guarantee
Q3:  What Is The Different From Pro Ads & Guaranteed Ad Rates?
Q4:  What Size Ads Are Offered?
Q5: Can I Get Exclusivity In The Publication In My Industry?
Q6: How Many Total Markets & How Frequent Will Each Market Be Mailed?
Q7: How Long Will It Take For Initial Markets To Fill & See Mailboxes?
Q8: How Do I Know What Zip Codes and/or Areas Of The Tampa Bay Metro Area Are Targeted?
Q9: Will The Number Of Monster Brochures Mailed Out Ever Increase From 20,000?
Q10: Can I Get Discounts For Advertising In Multiple Monster Brochures?
Q11: Can I Lock In My Advertising Space For A Particular Market For Future Mailings?
Q12: Is There Any Catch With The “FREE” Bonuses Whatsoever?
Q13: Do I Really Get These GIGANTIC Discounts As Outlined In The Wholesale Printing Buyers Club?
Q14: What Is The Quality Of The Monster Brochure?
Q15: Is There Any Additional Cost For Full Color Ads?
Q16: Is There Any Additional Cost For Professional Graphic Art Services For Creating My Ad?
Q17: Can I Submit Print Ready Artwork For My Ad?
Q18: How Can You Have The Cost Per Home So Incredibly Cheap?
Q19: Are Rates Really As Low As 1.64 Cents Per House With FREE Membership In The
Q20: What Forms Of Payments Do You Accept?
Q21: When Do You Charge My Credit Card For The Introductory Monster Brochure?
Q22: How Do I Pay?
Q23: Will I Be Notified The Day The Monster Brochure Goes Out?
Q24: How Does Compare To Those Small Envelope Direct Mailers?
Q25: What Will Be Featured On