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Frequently Asked Questions
PRO Advertising Rates - Lowest Pricing / No Guarantee
PRO Advertising Rates

Question 1 What Are Pro Ad Rates?
These are rates for companies who have an effective direct mail strategy developed and have had prior success using direct mail and/or for companies that have larger margins that create a very minimal breakeven point.
Question 2 What Are Guaranteed Ad Rates?
These rates come with a 100% Money Back Guarantee on results and applies to any size ad. If after 60 days, you are not happy with the results, you get 100% of your money back. This truly is as good as it gets in the advertising world as we are the very first publication or advertising medium to stand behind the results of our product.
Question 3 Do All Ads Qualify For The 100% Money Back Guarantee If Purchasing Guaranteed Ad Rates?
Most all ads do qualify if they have good offers and calls to action. If you have an ad that we cannot guarantee, we are happy to suggest changes that can be made so we would be comfortable guaranteeing your results. We are not able to guarantee poorly designed and prepared ads but do offer FREE graphic design services to assure your ad can be something you can be proud of and one we would stand behind with our 100% Money Back Guarantee. Direct mail does always work if you apply strategies and principles that have been proven to work.
Question 4 Is There Any Guarantee Whatsoever With Pro Ad Rates?
These rates do not come with any guarantee. If you want a 100% money back guarantee, please refer to the pricing charts labeled 100% Money Back Guarantee. Pro Ad Rates are really for companies that are seasoned marketers and/or have margins that take a very low percentage of response to create a profitable outcome.
Question 5 What Does It Mean By One Time Intro Rates For Either The Buy 2, Get 1 FREE And/Or The Buy 3, Get 2 FREE?
The One Time Intro Rates are good for first time advertisements in newly introduced markets only. As we grow into new markets, you will have the opportunity to enjoy this incredible introductory offer and have first dibs on filling spaces in new markets versus having your competitors take the ad space.
Question 6 What Will Pricing Be After The Introductory Markets Are Mailed?
Every 60 days, each market of 20,000 will get mailed again and you can still receive discounted rates listed as Investment Sale RatesRates Buy 2, get 1 FREE Rates or Investment Sale Rates Buy 3, get 2 FREE (Left 2 Columns Of Price Charts). Since you would be considered a founding member, you still continue to receive discounts off our regular low rates & receive the most cost effective direct mail solution in Tampa Bay.
Question 7 What Bonuses Come With Pro Ad Rates & Guaranteed Ad Rates?
All advertising programs come with FREE membership in which gives you the opportunity to buy all your other marketing and printed marketing materials at the lowest cost on the web. This benefit alone can more than cash flow your advertising investment if you are purchasing a myriad of other quality marketing materials.
Question 8 If I Only Want To Test One Market, Is There Any Guaranteed Advertising Offered?
If you want to dip your toe in the pool so to speak, the best value is the offers on our home page that comes with a complete bonus package. If you are not interested in any bonuses, please call your salesperson for special offers and options.
Question 9 If I Purchase Buy 3, Get 2 FREE, Will All Five Markets Be Mailed The Same Month?
Since our Monster Brochure publications are new to Tampa and we are still feeling out demand from Home Shows and other marketing avenues, we are not sure the exact dates each market will close. As advertisers continue to give us their trust & confidence, we anticipate markets filling sooner than later. We will be in touch with all clients as markets begin to fill to see if they want to be included in the Monster Brochure if we are needing their industry represented.
Question 8 What Kind Of Web Presence Comes With My Monster Brochure Advertising?
Every Monster Brochure is supported by a website called and will feature a copy of your ad along with additional links and information as provided by our advertisers. The focus of the Monster Brochure Direct Mail Advertising is to get you way more response that leads to sales than the investment in the advertising. Regarding sales that can be generated from the internet, we have strategies that we can show you for FREE that can substantially help the effectiveness of your current website. If you have no web presence whatsoever, it is not recommended to partake in any direct mail advertising campaign regardless of the source. Please call Corey at 512-573-1977 if you want a free Online Marketing Consultation.
Question 9 If I Want To Invest In Just One Market To Test The Waters So To Speak, What Is The Best Value?
The best value if you want to test just one market of 20,000 homes are the last two charts listed below. If you do not desire any other FREE Bonuses besides FREE Membership in, these reduced rates are still a truly fantastic value when held up to other direct mail opportunities.
Question 8 If I Want To Be The Only Company In My Industry For ALL Monster Brochures, What Does It Take For That To Happen?
If you want to have exclusivity for a chosen industry, that is very possible with just two simple criteria. The first is to just place a ½ page or full page ad and, second, pick the exact niche you want exclusivity in. This would only come into play if your company server many multiple niches such as building decks, remodeling bathrooms and doing decorative concrete. Exclusivity would be for one major segment of what you offer. If you do take out a full page ad, you can have exclusivity in multiple segments.
Question 9 If I Told You Direct Mail Has Never Worked For Me, How Would You Answer That?
With virtually any and all advertising mediums, they can work for virtually any type of business (With Radio being the only medium I do not find very conducive for most types of businesses) if the advertising is designed correctly. In a nutshell, the biggest errors businesses make is being to self-centered with their advertising message versus focusing benefits and offers to prospects. The key to a great ad is a very compelling headline with time sensitive, irresistible offers that motivate clients to act now. Also, helping create urgency is the key to get prospects off the fence. Watch any late night infomercial and you will see the perfect formula for how to present advertising.
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PRO Advertising Rates - Lowest Pricing / No Guarantee
PRO Advertising Rates
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PRO Advertising Rates - Lowest Pricing / No Guarantee
PRO Advertising Rates