Why Was CheapDirectMailInTampa.com Created?
I, Corey Huetter, the CEO and Founder of CheapDirectMailInTampa.com, have been involved in the printing and marketing business for over a decade and have worked with 1000’s of companies on a one on one basis helping them grow their businesses through effective printing and marketing strategies. What created the motivation to create CheapDirectMailInTampa.com was the fact that many of my clients over the last few years have faced much more challenging times due to an ever shrinking economy which has decreased the number of viable prospects to support a profitable business for many. With a viable prospect base on the decline with ever increasing operating expenses, never has it been more critical for any businesses survival have a steady stream of prospects who become clients. While there are many ways to market a business’s product and services to clients, in today’s electronic and virtually dominated World, direct mail and other TANGIBLE marketing methods have become increasingly more effective. While many companies recognize the power of well thought out direct mail marketing strategy, many businesses have a hard time making direct mail show a significant profit with the increased cost of doing direct mail alone with ever shrinking response rates due to prospect base with extra disposable income. CheapDirectMailInTampa.com (and coming soon many other major markets from coast to coast) is about providing a way for the Home Improvement and Repair Industry to pool resources and act as an organized COOP to more effectively increase bottom line profitability by pooling resources and providing prospects a powerful direct mail presence that truly gives every home owner the opportunity to save $1000’s on improvements and repairs they may already be desiring or doing. What I wanted to do and am now presenting to the Tampa Metro Area is a service that allows any company in the home improvement and repair industry a way to reach highly motivated home owners with disposable income in a manner that costs a fraction of partaking direct mail on an individual basis on a vehicle that substantially will increase exposure and decrease any potential for losing money. CheapDirectMailInTampa.com has ZERO downside and a no brainer upside for any business – with a 100% money back guarantee combined with 3 completely FREE Bonuses along with the Wholesale Printing Buyers Club, I really have tried to put together a platform in where any company truly motivated to grow their business has a company that is on their side and truly is out to EARN their trust and confidence…..in my 20+ years of being a business owner in a multitude of industries, I have never found any avenue of marketing and advertising that actually guaranteed their results. I have found all advertising that was presented to me presented the proverbial pot of gold at the end of the rainbow….but if you never found that pot of gold….the seller of the advertising kept your share of the gold given and many advertisers look for the next proverbial pot of gold under the next rainbow. I want to truly earn your trust, confidence and business and I hope you find the offer and program I have put together as one that can truly be a platform that can truly take your business to the next level….or, maybe…just keep your business on the level. If anyone ever wants to talk to a CEO who welcomes phone calls, please call me anytime at 512-573-1977. I do answer my phone 24/7/365…..well…okay…..if I am sleeping I probably won’t call you back until I wake up…but call me any waking hours and you will reach me….I promise that. If you read this far…thanks….I surely hope you do check out the rest of the site…I think you will like what I have put together…and if you think I can even do a better job of helping your business grow and/or other businesses by improving the offer, call me and tell me how…as the best ideas I have ever presented to the public are ones that come from me listening to the public.

Thanks again for the chance to earn your trust & confidence.


Corey Huetter, CEO
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